I WAS NOT Doing it Right!

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about that new shawl that I’d started? It’s the pattern Limberlost Trails by MMario on Ravelry, but I call it Three Tree Town after the Ben Howard song. I was quite confused by the pattern, which appeared to be all charts with no instructions on how to actually fit all of them together into a coherent piece. Well, I found the instructions on page four or six or some other odd place, and I was doing it wrong! I was only doing one rep of the first chart, forgetting that almost all triangle shawls have at least two reps split by a yo-p-yo center. *bangs head against wall* I will get all this eventually.


So after a trip to the frog pond, I got it up and running again, this time with the garter stitch border and the repeat in. It’s looking much better and I’m starting to make a fair bit of progress on it. I was a little worried about the dramatic variegation of the yarn, but now that I have a decent hunk of it worked, I am starting to love it. It reminds me of that poem, “Pied Beauty” by GM Hopkins that starts, “Glory to God for dappled things.” It reminds me of the way light streams through a leafy canopy. It’s like lichen, spackling the rocks on the crests of mountains with their pasty green texture.


I’ve still not made much progress, because I am desperately trying to get this cardigan done for my mother. I am on sleeve number two right now, then all I have left is stitching it together and adding the trim. I’m a bit worried that I’ll run out of yarn… Not to worry, Amy has more at the shop. Though, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it there before Mom’s birthday. (Which is Wednesday, by the way…) 

Meanwhile, I am also scrambling to finish a baby blanket for an old friend, whose baby shower is on Friday. I take it to work with me because it’s a very simple chevron pattern and it’s easy to pick up during my all-to-brief breaks. I’m about half-way through, and I am loving the color combination. I really hope it goes well in the room, which actually has a deep teal and white chevron rug. 



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