Once upon a drunken Bonfire Night, a friend decided to tell us all what Spice Girl we were. Being English, she reasoned that she was the most qualified judge. Working her way round the circle, she progressed from Baby to Sporty to Scary. Then she got to me… Somehow, I ended up Hipster Spice.

Like many in their mid-twenties, I am overworked, underpaid and in debt up to my eyeballs for a degree I have yet to use. Knitting is my form of self-therapy. For a few hours a day, my brain turns off and I can simply focus on knit, purl, knit three, yarn-over, knit two together, yarn-over, knit three, purl, knit. By the end, I’ve actually created a physical product. I can see the tangible result of my creative efforts. There is no better feeling in the world.

Like any tech-savvy knitter, you can follow me on Ravelry.



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