I’m Not Dead Yet!

I’ve become terrible at keeping up to date with this thing. A friend just told me that exercise is almost like a part time job. He was right. It’s grueling and it eats up more of your life than you first expect. Still, I’m feeling great and I’m healthier than I’ve been in ages. Now enough about fitness, lets get on with the knitting. 

My friends have all developed this terrible habit of bearing children. I don’t know what’s gotten into their minds; they’re obviously all mad. Still, it gives me the excuse to knit adorable baby things, so I have yet to stage an intervention. The frequency of these births has grown so intense in the past year or so, that my poor little fingers cannot keep up with all of the baby blankets that I feel the urge to produce. I really wish I had made a tradition out of beanies. That would make my life much simpler.


It must be admitted, though, that I do enjoy these little blankets. They’re great for stitch experiments, especially when I do them in bulky or worsted held double like in my latest endeavor, “What Wonder Have We Wrought.” Normally, I’m not a huge fan of garter stitch, but I love this ribbed chevron texture. It is so simple too. I managed to cast on and blaze through one skein yesterday, and I’m almost through with the second. 

IMG_0202Right now, it doesn’t really look like much of a little girl’s blanket, but take a look at the full color scheme that I’ll be implementing. 

IMG_0203I call that just girly enough without being over the top. Her name is Eleanor, and she will be born sometime early this fall. Her mom has already started decorating the nursery in a deep salmon and teal. She also has a chevron teal and white rug that helped make the final decision in what pattern I decided to implement. 

Oh, and one more thing…

IMG_0042Look what came in the mail today!!!!! Two skeins of madelinetosh’s 80/10/10 fingering in Shire. The picture does not do the depth of this color way justice. It is just luxurious. It’s 80% merino wool, 10% nylon, and 10% cashmere. I can’t wait to knit this up into a shawl, or maybe a scarf. I’ve finally got what all the fuss is about with the shawls. I still like bunching them around my neck though…





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