Am I Doing This Right?

Well, I did actually get some work done on Three Tree Town last night. Now that I’m a few inches in, I’m starting to get a feel of the charting, which is very spartan. I’m assuming that I’m using the right stitches, that I cast on correctly, etc. But I’m not quite sure. I need to read through the pattern one more time… I seriously could be doing this entirely wrong. 


On the other hand, Hartford is still about as straightforward as one can get. A friend at work saw me woking on it on break today saw me working on it and said it looked intense. I replied that frankly, it’s about as straightforward as one can get. It’s just four different stitches over and over and over…. and over again. I know I’ve said this in my last two posts, but I am THIS CLOSE to beginning shaping, and I can’t wait. 


The slip stitch moves quickly though and I don’t mind the mindless rhythm of it. I think I’ll have this done in plenty of time for my Mom’s birthday in the first week of August. 

Until next time, happy knitting!



One thought on “Am I Doing This Right?

  1. On your shawl, if you’re making a triangle you should repeat the chart twice per row with a yarnover spine between. This is quite a tricky pattern for a novice – but a good way to learn!

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