Knitting Related Injuries

I left you all off yesterday with the promise of getting some work done on my new shawl, Three Tree Town. This did not happen. I have recently embarked on a quest to lose twenty pounds by mid-September. That means that I have cut my caloric intake by probably about half AND started exercising seven days a week. As a result, I’m hopeless after 10:30 at night. On the bright side, I don’t think I’ve ever slept better in my life.

Another thing got in the way of my knitting last night. Though I love my new Addi Clicks, they are far sharper than the needles that I am accustomed to using. After a few days of use, they broke right through the callus on my right forefinger. I have a habit of bouncing my left needle off the middle of my right forefinger as I pull the stitch from the left to the right needle. Therefore, I’ve developed a bit of a callus there. Apparently, those Addis think nothing of the hours of work I’ve put into building that up and decided to pierce right down into the soft, tender flesh beneath.

I let my hands rest all day and have just placed a small bandage over the crack in my skin. Hopefully that will give me enough resilience to get a few things done tonight. I will get a few more rows of the shawl done and also end the night with plugging away at Harford. I just want to get to the shaping already! More pics tomorrow, I promise.



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