Color Conundrums

Since Wool Leaves is already far too massive to leave home, I have taken to bringing a little scarf project to work with me. It is a lace scarf based on a motif written by String Geekery. The motif is wonderful, but I find that it’s getting lost in the Manos del Uruguay that I chose to try it out in. The Tanager colorway is gorgeous, but it is also very busy. I think I may have to split these projects into two.


I think Etude No. 1 is destined for a natural, off-white cotton that I’ve had sitting around for awhile. Or maybe my bright green Tosh Merino Light. I have plenty to make a nice length summer scarf with that.

Meanwhile, I have to think of something for this Manos. I know any cables will get lost in it. Also most textures will be useless, unless highly embossed. I think a very simple, repetitive lace motif would be my best bet. You know what that means… It’s time to consult with Ms. Walker!


I am sure I will find something there that will do the job nicely.


3 thoughts on “Color Conundrums

  1. What about a nice slip stitch pattern for the Manos? I find they can often work with variegated yarn in good ways. Barbara Walker is always a good place to start, though.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the lace works out in the cotton.

    • Slip stitch would have been a terrific idea. I ended up pulling Barbara Walker’s “Seaweed” from the Knit-Purl Combinations chapter of her second treasury. It’s knitting up quite nicely.

      I still might use the cotton for Etude No. 1, but I also have a few nicer fibers laying around and I am suffering from a massive bout of indecision. It would also look great in a sport weight I have from Blue Sky Alpacas. We shall see.

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