What’s Next?

I am mere rows away from finishing Swallowtail. All that’s left is the edging and then she’s ready to block. I do love this part of a project, where I can se it unfold in my hands, while simultaneously contemplating what’s next.


After this, I have a few big projects coming up. I’m making a sweater for my Mom’s birthday in August. We’ve picked out Hartford by Julie Hoover. After seeing how well Swallowtail knit up, I think I will use Rowan’s aran tweed. I love the texture and feel. It’s not too clingy to the skin, which Mom will like. She also really likes the little flecks of color in Swallowtail. I went to my LYS the other day and took a look at Amy’s swatches. I’m leaning towards Dent.


I also have a few other projects for others coming up. One of my oldest friends in the world is having a baby in September. Her shower is in July and I think I could probably whip together a second Wool Leaves by then. The one I currently have on the needles will have to hibernate for a few weeks while I scurry to finish that. I can’t decide between one solid color, or mixing it up. I could do it in all green or I can mix some dark and light grays into it. Any thoughts?


Now that I’m doing a lot more work for others, I am going to have to get a lot more single-minded on my projects. I have about one big project due every month from July on. On July 6, Wool Leaves needs to be ready. August 6 is Mom’s Hartford. Sometime in early September is Wool Leaves II. I do have a few little treats coming up for myself as well though… 😉




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