All Good Things…

I spent the past two days lazing about on a lakeshore with some of my oldest friends and closest family members. There was good food, good wine and good, clean air. The sunshine was soothing and the sunsets were romantic. I came back a few pounds fatter and a little pink on my cheeks and shoulders. All in all, it was perfect.

But in case you thought it was all lazing about with my eyes closed, you would be wrong. I made great headway on Swallowtail. I am about half-way through the Lilly of the Valley border and then all I have left is the scalloped edging.


I must admit that the fingering weight was much easier to deal with in the heat of the midday sun than anything in worsted. So, points for lacework! What? I didn’t just say that… Oh, and there was some boating and tubing of course. Subsequently, my shoulders aren’t working today.



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