Upcycling and Commission Deadlines

I didn’t get nearly as knitting done as I would have liked today. I woke up around half past noon, which was ridiculous. So, there went half my day. I did manage to get my hair cut, which was much needed. I also stopped by Goodwill and picked up some old men’s sweaters to harvest yarn out of. There was not a single piece of wool in sight, it being May and all, but I did find four lovely cotton pieces. They are extra large too, so plenty of yarn to be unravelled from those suckers.



They also inspired me to continue ripping out my old red sweater. It’s a wool/cotton/silk blend and very soft, but there was a massive hole on the yoke, so I’m ripping the entire thing down to the yarn and I’ll knit it into something even better. I’m almost halfway there and I have two decent sized balls to start something fun with. Considering all the tied off ends, I’ll have to make some kind of pullover with it. Before I start ripping apart my next sweater, I really need to teach myself how to make a Russian join. I found a tutorial on Pinterest from Knitpicks, so we shall see how that goes.



Meanwhile, I am almost done with my first serious commission. A coworker asked me to make her a scarf like my Afton that I finished back in March. Her Afton has been on the needles since late March and it’s high time that I had it finished the darn thing. I am only about a rep and a half away, so the end is in sight. I really want to have it done by the end of the week. The color is gorgeous and I will be sad to say goodbye to the soft feel of the Malabrigo between my fingers. However, I will not miss the way the indigo has a tendency to rub off on my fingers. Amy, my knitting guru has suggested I soak it in a vinegar solution before I block it to keep the color from bleeding more. I certainly don’t want Moura’s neck to turn blue!



7 thoughts on “Upcycling and Commission Deadlines

  1. I feel your pain – though my yarns haven’t been coloring my fingers, my jeans have been turning my hands blue a lot recently! (And my shoelaces, too!) I tried soaking them in vinegar and water, and I *think* they are bleeding less, but I don’t have any good metrics on that. 🙂
    The scarf looks good! I’ve been wanting to try Malabrigo at some point.

    • Thanks! Malabrigo is just gorgeous. It feels so luxurious against the skin. The one downside is, it’s not very forgiving. It pills easily, so you can’t frog terribly much before it starts to look used. So the one thing I would recommend is start with a pattern you’re familiar with. That way you’re less likely to rip it out.

    • Thank you! I am really quite proud of it. I ended up soaking the scarf in vinegar water as well. It bled a lot in that final soak, but I think that was the last of it. It still has plenty of color, so I think it was just bleeding off the excess dye that didn’t adhere to the fibers…???? Maybe. Malabrigo is gorgeous to work with. As I’ve said on the blog before though, it can pill if you’re ripping out a lot. So pick a pattern you’re comfortable with. It will turn out much better.

      • Definitely Goodwill and local thrift stores. I also accept donations of old knits from friends and family which I then use to create new items to donate to local nonprofits. I have had great luck with thick cotton sweaters, too! Those make great summer items. Isn’t it strangely satisfying to unravel a sweater? 🙂

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