Aches and Pains and Art in New Ways

As of late, I have been suffering from fairly severe neck, back and shoulder pain. I will not bore you with a chronicle of my suffering, but suffice to say, it has prevented me from any serious progress on any of my knitting projects. This has produced quite the gap in my creative time and an altogether different kind of ache in my psyche.

Therefore I have returned to an ancient cross-stitch project of mine that has been hibernating for almost a year or more. It is very pretty, but also very delicate and tedious work with much less room for creativity than knitting, so it is most definitely not my go-to when crafting. Nonetheless, I have picked it up again and am making quite decent progress.

ImageThough it doesn’t look like much right now, this will eventually be a tiny piece in a much larger tapestry of the fairytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Eventually, it will look something like this…




As you can see, I have quite a ways to go. Meanwhile, I’ve also taken to sketching during my work breaks since I can’t haul all of my threads and fabric back and forth every day. (Well, I could, but I have not yet reached that level of crafting mania.) I have not produced much of merit, but I did finish a cute sketch of a hippie dude that I started when I went to an open mic comedy night with my boyfriend some weeks back.


So, like the dude, I abide, knitless, but not completely devoid of the joy of making even a small something with my hands.



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