Sick Day

I had to go home sick today. The dizziness is keeping me from standing up for any length of time and it’s probably going to keep me from knitting much. I’ll try to get some yardage in on the scarf I’m working on for a work friend, but we shall see. I think a nap is the first order of business.

This is my second attempt at Afton by Jared Flood. I’m once again knitting it up in a worsted Malabrigio. The single-ply merino wool is super comfy and feels great between the fingers. The one downside is it has a terrible tendency to pill, so you can’t rip out and redo it much. Thankfully, since it’s my second pass at the pattern, I haven’t had to rip at this much.

Now, to finish off with some pictures. First is my finished Afton that I made for myself this winter.


Second is the new one I’m currently about half-way through.





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